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Platform Enhancement: Invoicing

January 25th, 2017 -

Here’s a look at some recent enhancements around invoicing.

We have updated the Cloud Services Invoice to be more in line with information pertaining to our Cloud Business. Effective in the month of November, you will see removal and addition of the following fields:

  • Fields being removed from the invoice: Release #, Freight Carrier, Inco Terms 2000, Delivery Date, Delivery #, Waybill, Contract Start, Contract End and Serial Number
  • Fields being added to the invoice: Invoice, Contract #, Statement #, Set Start Date & Set End Date (Settlement Period), Create Date and Billing Frequency

Prior invoice format:


New invoice format:


Avnet is always making enhancements to the Avnet Cloud Marketplace platform that enrich billing reporting, offer additional customization capabilities and provide new supplier features.  Stay tuned for more news.


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