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Platform Enhancement: SoftLayer

January 25th, 2017 -

Avnet is always making enhancements to the Avnet Cloud Marketplace platform to provide new supplier features. Here’s a look at some recent enhancements around SoftLayer.

SoftLayer Billing Customers Report

New enhancement to the SoftLayer Billing Customers Report now includes the ability to see, in granular detail, a breakdown of the server and its sub components.  Before this functionality, our resellers were not able to easily identify this information and troubleshooting their SoftLayer bill was a tedious task. With this new functionality, our resellers can see exactly what they are being billed for.  These are the changes that you will see on the report:

  • “Group By: Domain/Host” filter option
  • The resulting report will be organized by server and sub components

SoftLayer account request via the marketplace

This enhancement allows customers to easily request a SoftLayer consumption account via the marketplace. To request an account, search for “SoftLayer Account Request” in the marketplace and go through the normal purchasing process. You will be notified once the account request is completed. Customers will still have the ability to request a SoftLayer account via the customer portal, we’ve just added another way to be able to submit this type of request via the marketplace.

For more information about the Avnet SoftLayer Reseller Program, click here.

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