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Avnet and VMware

VMware vCloud® AirTM is a public cloud platform built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®, compatible with your on-premises data center, so you can seamlessly extend your workloads to the cloud with the same tools, skills and processes you already know. Deliver unsurpassed levels of scalability and reliability for your data center services through the centralized management of hybrid integration on vCloud Air.

vCloud Air Provides:

A Consistent Platform

At its core, vCloud Air is the consistent platform, based on vSphere and traditional network and data center architecture, which allow it Air to uniquely bring together diverse infrastructure and application services for seamless hybrid consumption.

Integrated Networking:

The network is the common denominator that enables consistent and reliable security, application and data portability, and compliance. Many public clouds break the network into inconsistent and incompatible segments. However, with vCloud Air, integrated networking allows customers to ensure consistent hybrid application deployments and trusted security and compliance measures extended to the public cloud.

Common Management: 

Many proprietary cloud platforms introduce new management tools and new processes to maintain and operate a separate cloud-based service infrastructure that is completely soiled from the existing data center. This approach results in additional risk and costs that often negate the promised cost savings of a cloud deployment. vCloud Air delivers a lower total cost of ownership by integrating seamlessly with the management tools and processes that are already deployed within existing data centers today.

A Price-Performance Standard

When you’re running infrastructure-as-a-service applications, price and performance matter. A low-cost cloud service isn’t useful if it’s not powerful enough to run your apps with the performance you need. Principled Technologies determined that vCloud Air delivers twice the compute power of Microsoft Azure and three times the storage performance of Amazon AWS. vCloud Air supports twice as many operating systems as Azure and AWS combined and supports more versions of Windows than Azure and more versions of Linux than AWS.

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